Up and About for March


Heart Beat band bags 1st prize in 1st Tibok Pinoy competition

Chiang Kai Shek Colleges Heart Beat band bested nine competitive campus-based band during the 1st Philippine Heart Associations (PHA) Tibok Pinoy competition. The band competition was the highlight of the PHA-led celebration of Heart Month 2009 Heart Fair at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City on Feb. 8, 2009. The bands entry Sabi ng Puso in the PHA jingle contest also emerged as the judges choice.

Adjudged as second and third prize were Drastic Measure band of St. Anthony School of Quezon City and the Musicians Guild of Miriam College. Blackrose Band of Ateneo de Manila University and Jive Band of the School of the Holy Spirit in Quezon City got the consolation prizes.

The judges were: Boboy Garrovillo of the Apo Hiking Society, the Bloomfields band, Jai Aracama, a UP professor, and Dr. Jorge Sison, a noted cardiologist and song composer.

Open to high school campus-based bands in the National Capital Region, each of the bands from 10 participating schools submitted their one-minute jingle on heart-healthy lifestyle, aside from performing another song selection pegged on the same theme.

The PHA hopes that this wholesome exercise will impact on the consciousness of the youth, and start them early on in preaching and practicing a heart-healthy lifestyle, said PHA vice president and Heart Month 2009 chair Dr. Maria Teresa Abola.

For the last three years, the academe and the student sector have been part of the growing network of the Healthy Lifestyle Coalition, which has 19 loyal allies.


Scuba Diving: The hottest summer sports in Puerto Galera

pic215Getting a chance to see the magnificent underwater creatures with various colors and shapes for the first time is an incredible experience. And by learning scuba diving, you just earn yourself a passport to do it over and over again. Getting a Scuba Diving Course this summer at Marco Vincent Dive Resort is the first step to get closer to this marvelous face to face encounter with your favorite corals, fish, and shipwrecks.

By taking your first scuba diving lessons in Puerto Galera, you will discover that diversity and diving are the best words that can describe the island. With more than 40 prime dive sites and hundreds of species of fish life, beginner and advanced divers will definitely enjoy a world-class diving experience. Not only is Puerto Galera recognized by divers for its fantastic variety of flora and fauna, but the Verde Island passage, located between the Batangas port and Mindoro, has been identified in a research by American biologists Kent Carpenter and Victor Springer as having the most diverse marine ecosystem in the world. The area has been dubbed the center of the worlds marine life.

Through the years Marco Vincent has been committed to deliver world class diving experience and professional diving education. The resorts personalized service, small training ratio, professional instructors, and dive masters guarantee plenty of unforgettable diving experience and thrilling drift dives without compromising safety.

To show its continuous commitment on quality diving, Marco Vincent Dive Resort further improved its diving services through the acquisition of a new, modern, safe, fast, and comfortable dive boat which can bring 20 divers at 30 minutes travel time to the most popular dive sites such as Verde Island, Maricaban Island and Anilao Dive sites.

The Lady Merci will be the safest and the most modern dive boat operating out of Puerto Galera. With cruising speed of 24 knots, Lady Merci will let divers enjoy more time diving in comfort!

Get listed now, visit http://www.mvdive.com or call our reservation hotlines: 8136329 / 8920309, or email reservation@mvdive.com. Be a certified diver in 3 days!



Spreading the message of love for a mercury-free Philippines

Health Care Without Harm-Southeast Asia (HCWH-SEA), along with children all dressed in white like little gods and goddesses, simultaneously visited the Department of Health (DOH) and Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III in two separate venues to spread the message of love last Valentines Day for a mercury-free Philippines by 2010.

This is inline with Administrative Order (AO) 2008-0021 signed by Sec. Duque for implementation on Sept. 11, 2008 to phase-out all mercury-containing devices in all Philippine health care by 2010.

The visit is aimed to emphasize that children are among the most vulnerable sector when it comes to mercury exposure. Mercury impairs neurological development of infants and children. Even a fetus inside a pregnant woman’s body that has been exposed to mercury is instantly affected. It may disrupt the baby’s growing brain and nervous system, said Faye Ferrer, HCWH-SEA Program Officer for Mercury.

The signing of the AO is a much awaited move and its implementation cannot be delayed unless protecting children has become our least priority, said Ferrer. She added that spreading awareness regarding the AO is necessary, since there are still several hospitals which are unaware of it.

As a global issue, HCWH and the World Health Organization (WHO) launched in December a global partnership to substitute mercury-based medical devices with safer, accurate and affordable alternatives.

HCWH and WHO are asking the DOH to become a founding member of the global partnership. DOH is in the forefront of advocating for a mercury-free health care. As a founding member, it will highlight the good work in the Philippines as an example for the rest of the world, Ferrer said.

She further said that the partnership will push DOH to redouble its efforts to a mercury-free health care through a strict monitoring of the AO implementation.

HCWH is a global coalition of more than 400 organizations in more than 50 countries working to protect health by reducing pollution in the health care sector.


Health and Leisure goes online

Before, medical tourism is only for the elite. Spas and wellness centers are only within reach of people from classes A and B. However, more than a luxury, people now look into medical spas to revitalize themselves and thus, include it in their regular rituals.

The booming medical tourism industry has pushed Health and Leisure, a medical travel facilitator company, to open an all-new online gateway at http://www.healthandleisure.net in order to reach not only patrons here in the Philippines but also prospective clients abroad.

Marketing on the fact that the Philippines is now emerging as a top tourist destination among other Asian countries, Health and Leisure realized the pressing need to advertise online and to assist tourists in planning their medical tours.

The website is user-friendly, easy to navigate and very informative for patients seeking medical, dental, cosmetic, and wellness treatments in the Philippines.

The new website allows clients to browse for services, available promo packages, and up-to-date news and features about medical tourism and the country in general. In addition, satisfied customers are also free to send in their feedback’s to be published in the websites testimonial page.

Taking pride on the internationally-trained doctors and medical staff, Health and Leisure continues to arrange seamless medical holiday packages for all clients abroad who are planning to get their treatments in the Philippines.


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