December 2013

H&L June FINAL cover.indd

The Season of Giving, Sharing and Sacrificing

With the recent series of natural calamities affecting millions of our countrymen, the real spirit of Christmas has come to the fore, with everyone trying to do his or her share to alleviate the sufferings of our fellow Filipinos, whose future has been made uncertain with the devastation they had experienced. All over the city, we see instances of this culture of giving, sharing and sacrificing especially as Christmas approaches—doctors and nurses joining medical missions, establishments giving a portion of their profits to the relief efforts in Visayas; companies foregoing their annual Christmas parties to donate to the earthquake victims in Bohol and the typhoon survivors in Tacloban and other areas. The international community has also shown the genuine spirit of ‘brotherhood among nations’, showing how it is to be our ‘brother’s keeper’.

All of these happening at this time of the year are probably just coincidental. But it is, in no small part, a true Christmas miracle.

Cover photo courtesy of Jose Martin Punzalan


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